Trouble in the Sapphire Commerce Center


Commerce Article

Trouble in the Sapphire Commerce Center.


Guildmaster Otto von Wolfsburg is fighting allegations of unfair work conditions following his Intern Opportunity Act. Based out of Branch of Mind headquarters on Cubeo III, as many as 3,000 interns work alongside official employees in the Commerce Center. Some of these interns have come forward. Between long hours and questionable pay rates, challenges have been posed to the legitimacy of the program.

“All I do is get tea all day. Four years of university and I’m reduced to knowing who prefers their tea hot or iced,” said one intern.

Many of the various interns interviewed reported little pay. Some have a hard time putting food on their table for dinner. Though the interns do get free lunch at any of the cafeterias on the Sapphire campus.

We interviewed Wolfsburg about these issues regarding the Intern Opportunity Act and payment of a interns, though it took a week to gain an audience.

“Do I think it’s successful? Of course I do. Sure some interns get a bit of a hazing period. These are college students with zero real world experience for their resume. But here we admit the best students from hundreds of universities across Cubeo III and give them a chance to prove themselves. To learn a trades from some of the top business leaders in all of Cubeo.”

Mr. Wolfsburg had a lot more to say in defense of the program and insisted the workplace was energetic and fulfilling.

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