Alicia Mellor

Alicia Mellor The People's Media

Alicia Mellor | Vice-Lord Herald of Prismatic Imperium, Branch of Mind

Status | Alive

Gender | Female

Age | 29

Allegiance | Empire

Home System | Achenar

Occupation | Herald

Alicia Mellor is the Vice-Lord Herald of the Prismatic Imperium and a celebrity superstar.  She is best known as the host of “The Daily Chat” and the top interviewer for The People’s Media.  Her history as a child actress has gained her significant fame and she uses her beauty to charm her audience.  She regularly interacts with public figures ranging from Lord Corwin Ryan to Serena from “A Fireside Chat with Serena”.

“People dwell on the controversial topics because they are educated by watching others respond to confrontation.  My job is to make the controversy entertaining.”      -Alicia Mellor



She is often described as engaging, excitable, and sometimes flirtatious during her stream time.  Her role on “The Daily Chat” show keeps her upbeat, personal, and often humorous.  She keeps cool-headed during heated discussions and often manipulates her guests into discussing controversial topics.  Despite criticism, Mellor remains confident and ambitious.

“I expect to find confrontation because people love confrontation.  They love watching controversial subjects engage each other because it engages the attention of bystanders who would otherwise never formulate an opinion.  This is why I have an audience and that isn’t about to change.” -Alicia Mellor



  • Alicia is pronounced Ah l EE s EE Ah
  • Alicia Mellor was created for the sole purpose of interviewing ReporterX during the rise of Reign of Annihilation.  Reign-of-Annihilation-Dark-Black-Ops-or-Worst-Nightmare
  • Her stance on Imperial Slavery is inconsistent as she comes from a wealthy family in Achenar who own a slave-run estate.
  • She started her acting career when she was six years old.  Her first appearance was on a reality show, “Some More Than Others” where she played as Maggie, the middle child of an average family in Achenar.  When she turned fourteen, she had already appeared in over twelve streamed shows.
  • Alicia Mellor was the star of her own comedy sitcom “My Way” where a young teen struggles to adapt to her new life.
  • She adjusted her career for news entertainment because she felt it would keep her in the public eye for much longer.
  • Alicia Mellor knows how to party and has been caught under the influence of narcotics on several occasions despite the bans in Cubeo.
  • She is next in line to lead the P.I. Branch of Mind
  • On August 29th, 3301, Mellor interviewed Tricia Maine, a class representative of a prestigious Imperial school about an unusual story where a CODE pirate saved a space liner full of students instead of doing what pirates usually do.  Mellor ran the story despite concerns on the subject of glorifying the actions of a pirate.  The story was later proved to be staged by a group affiliated with Irrational Exuberance, a station in the Forculus system, home to Lord-Herald Kevin Massey and Overseer Jesse Ladd.  The story was set up but Mellor persisted on publishing the articles across the network knowing it would disrupt the efforts of Jesse Ladd.  Code Affiliated Pilot Saves Party – “Captain Coward” Missing
  • The original avatar for Alicia Mellor was created from a stock image of a generic female reporter.
  • The character Alicia Mellor was designed by CMDR Kevin Massey.
  • She is voiced by Nora Lang.
  • Newer renders of Mellor are based on Natanielle Camargo Ribiero.



Check out her full story here: Cubeo III’s Most Controversial – February 3302 Edition

Do you want to use Alicia Mellor in your fan fiction?  Email Kevin Massey at

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