Jesse Ladd


Jesse Ladd | Head Overseer, Administration of the Overseer, Prismatic Fleet

Status | Alive

Gender | Male

Age | 38

Allegiance | Empire

Home System | Forculus

Occupation | Head Overseer

Jesse Ladd is the overzealous head of Cubeo’s Defense via commanding the Prismatic Fleet and management of the Quan-Tech Network.  His office puts him in power behind the radical and controversial laws of the Administration of the Overseer.  Ladd is largely considered an antagonist in the Prismatic Imperium often taking security measures that cause harm to Cubeo’s citizens and refusing to adhere to the authority of the Prismatic Palace, placing himself above Imperial law.

JesseLadd2“Brothers and sisters of Cubeo, the Empire, I shall not rest until every Forculus rat burns in the city squares of every district!  I will see to it that The Brothers of Forculus are stamped out of existence for good!  DO NOT STAND AGAINST ME!” -Jesse Ladd



He is described as aggressive, arrogant, and selfish in the way he conducts himself in public.  He was ambitious and inspiring during his early career but developed a harsh reputation during his quick rise to power.  Despite accusations of being hot-headed, Jesse Ladd proved to be capable of remaining calm during debates, even calculative.  Critics suggest his public personality is a persona created to intimidate while in private demonstrates a different act which carries him further in blinding leadership.

thevoice_jesseladd2“I will find who is responsible!  Quan-Tech hacking requires more than one person working on the inside.  The Cerberus hack is a symptom of a bigger problem.  They were given access.  When I find them, on my word, they will be annihilated by my hand!”



  • Jesse Ladd was created during Chapter 01 of The People’s Media: Rise of Aisling Media for the purpose of starting the Forculus Conspiracy that would unfold over the next two years via clues in TPM articles and Portraits painted by Kevin Massey.
  • He has a zero tolerance for crime and uses the full extent of the law to punish the guilty as a warning to others.
  • His right arm is a mechanical prosthetic with a reflective gold finish.  Other augments include a data implant on the right side of his forehead that stores credentials and security related data which can interact with the Quan-Tech network.
  • He wears his sunglasses folded up over his ears which snap into position over his eyes automatically when they detect high light levels.
  • He has a firm stance against slavery.

    Jesse Ladd Addresses Slavery in Cubeo

  • He began his career as a security specialist on the Irrational Exuberance space station in Forculus.  He eventually moved up to Head of Security where he uncovered and exposed corruption among the security department that was connected with the system’s largest mafia organization, the Brothers of Forculus.
  • Jesse Ladd lead a massive assault against the Brothers of Forculus in Irrational Exuberance.  There were over 8,000 civilian casualties in the first day.  Most of the persons killed were in some way connected to the mafia, though it was expected as they were the controlling faction and forced business owners to pay unregulated taxes.  While many see this as a major accomplishment on Ladd’s resume, the locals in the Forculus system view him as a mass murderer of what would eventually be nearly 100,000 people.
  • He has a strained friendship with Lord Herald Kevin Massey.  The Lord Herald boosted Ladd’s career significantly but the two have differentiating political views.
  • Ladd is disgusted by Alicia Mellor, believing she is the reason adolescents find interest in the consumption of narcotics.
  • He is responsible for the management of Quan-Tech Defense Network that protects Cubeo and it’s allies.

    War Hero Jesse Ladd Head of Security for the People’s Media

  • Ladd executed his Quan-Tech engineers when the Brothers of Forculus hacked the network during a peace announcement with Achenar Immortals.  QUAN-TECH Network Hacked During Alliance Announcement
  • Jesse Ladd was a guest on The BirgeBroadcast after Antony Jakob Birge gave him a mock invite for a nasty interview the week before.  Birge did not expect Ladd to show up.  The interview was a disaster and Birge was made to look like a fool because of Ladd’s compliance and well crafted justification for his actions. [FUTURE]
  • Ladd has built up a massive private fleet that is integrated with Quan-Tech.  What started as a large viper fleet turned into 40 fitted Anaconda battleships and a dozen Viper MK III assigned to each one.  His fleet has since grown to an uncountable force consisting of Pythons, Asps, Cutters, Clippers, Imperial Fighters and so forth.  This force is loyal to Jesse Ladd and works in conjunction with the rest of the Prismatic Fleet.
  • Ladd was behind the execution of building the Icarus, the first Hermes Class Imperial Carrier.  Though the Imperial Navy finds the vessel to be obsolete, it is unarguably a menacing centerpiece to the Prismatic Fleet.  Jesse Ladd uses the Icarus as his mobile command for the Administration of the Overseer.

    Overseer Jesse Ladd Releases Details on Hermes Class Carrier – Icarus

  • The avatars for Jesse Ladd were inspired by a friend of Kevin Massey by the same name who often contributes for his speeches and answers first comments on The People’s Media.
  • Avatars for Jesse Ladd change to depict his mood and the viewers view of him.  In earlier images he would ambitiously raise his left arm as a symbol of victory.  This pose is combined with vivid colors and a smile on his face, his eyes are exposed.  When the public was expected to question his motives his pose would be flipped where he would aggressively raise his right mechanical arm as a symbol of rage.  This pose is combined with darker hues, an upset face, his eyes shielded behind dark glasses.  As expected, the Prismatic Imperium player group responded with the happy Jesse Ladd with unquestioning support while the more aggressive avatars made players rethink their earlier decisions.  His rise to power was entirely built by the actions of the player base through polls and comments on The People’s Media.

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