The Prismatic Imperium

The Prismatic Imperium is the faction at the heart of Cubeo. From successful CGs for everyone, to involvement in the Colonia project, to protectorate states. Background Simulation, Trade, Exploration. We run weekly events, a news website and have a deep and developing lore. Roleplay events saw players defeat the evil Overseer of Cubeo Jesse Ladd through ingame actions and outofgame roleplay.

Be an Imperial Reformer!

The Prismatic Imperium has switched from being a Power Play group to a centre for pushing the reform of the Empire to an anti-slavery society in other ways. Through CGs, lore, roleplay, news, BGS, we keep pushing the agenda of the reformation of the Empire. We’re organised into three branches, each with its own leader and responsibilites.

Prismatic Imperium Structure

Here is a glimpse of how the Prismatic Imperium is setup, the Branches provide leadership and activities which members of the Senate can partake in. Branches also recruit members of the Senate who wish to be more dedicated to the activities of a specific Branch.  The Palace provides leadership outside the Branch structure and the High Council made up of the Palace and Branch leaders oversees the Imperium as a whole.

Branch of Sight: Lord Headmaster Rogue949. Vice Headmaster Vickershaft. This is the academic part of the PI. Exploration, Mining, Engineer Research all fall under Sight. Current long term operations are to develop the Jaques area and to establish a colony there and working with Colonia as part of the Colonia Militia Force. Secondary, ensure that as many PI members have the resources and the knowledge they need to use the engineers. Sight is also home to what we lovingly refer to as our ‘tin foil hat’ division. Chasing off into the unknown, investigating the Formidine Rift and working on clues as to the deeper mysteries of our galaxy, Sight has taken part in many expeditions and plans on several of its own. Sight is responsible for the Aurora Colony faction. Headquarters in Aurora Colony.

Branch of Vigor: Lord Warden Doom, Vice Warden Trinity A. Craft. Currently controlled by the Adamantine Union Task Force. This is the action part of the PI. Combat zones, bounty hunting, Engineer Action, and BGS training work (missions, trading, anything as needed) fall under Vigor. Vigor is responsible for protecting and tending our minor faction in Uibuth . It has also shut down many slave markets, including the infamous one in Uibuth via our first protectorate state, the Adamantine Union. This is a good starting branch for people interested in learning the intricacies of the BGS. Headquarters in Uibuth.

Branch of Mind: Lord Shipwright UntamedZer0 Vice Shipwright Darth Seabass. Currently controlled by Prismatic Heavy Industry, though  the Cubeo Independent Merchant’s Association retains popular support. The economic control center of Cubeo and is responsible for evaluating taxes and tariffs to ensure economic prosperity. It also regulates how and where Prismatic Imperium merchant traffic can operate and is responsible for the Prismatic Imperium minor faction. Application to the Branch of Mind proper is encouraged for those of other branches who’ve learned the intracies of pushing the BGS, but isn’t required. Headquarters in Cubeo.

The Senate: Viceroy Andariel: The Heart of the Imperium, the Senate has access to all general channels of all the branches, the Senate is where most players reside as it allows them to be flexible and able to particpate in all branches when and if needed.

The High Council: Made up of Branch and Senate Leaders and the Palace.

The Palace: Duke Corwin Ryan (NPC leader). Lord Herald Kevin Massey (actual leader). Viceroy Wisewolf of Avalon. Home to current leadership above the branches, the Viceroys, the Lord Librarian in charge of the Imperium’s records, and some other veteran leaders who have retired from active leadership but still occasionally input on direction. For past service they retain a seat on the High Council

The People’s Media: Lord Herald Kevin Massey. Reporting on events both related to the Imperium and the wider Empire and beyond!